October 31, 2020

HELP! First Responder Doctors find More Cancer

After 48 years of Federal and Maryland public service, I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer.  

1. It began with discovery and removal of a colon tumor the size of a baseball, and then an iliostomy and a hanging waste bag on my belly.
2. I toughed out outrageous side effects for nearly 30 weeks of chemo therapy, where a single injection of Neulasta is over $6300, and the single session of chemo in the clinic is billed at $13,027. Then, add the Physician/Oncologist’s bill.
3. Now, after all that, a punch biopsy test has found more cancer.

I need your HELP! I need a 1+ BR apartment too. I had to sell my new car to pay bills. Go to my gofundme.com page. 


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