January 23, 2019


I am hoping as is everyone that this partial shutdown ends soon.  They need to put aside the differences and look at what this is doing to the people in this Country... the impact that this is causing. I was a federal employee and I know there are thousands that are impacted and struggling.  I know MANY in the area that are federal employees or contractors working for feds that have been impacted and struggling to make ends meet.  There are those that are not working at all and there are those that are working and not getting paid for their services.  I know that it has been said they will get paid after this is over but while waiting for that payment many are hurting...

The break for the furloughed people could have given them time to enjoy their family or work on their honey do list, but not enjoyment to go anywhere really since funding is tight and having to be back when (ever) they reopen.  But enough already...

There are those that might be by themsleves that don't have a partner to share resources with and they live paycheck to paycheck - they are searching for means of surviving for however long - many looking now at part time jobs just to get by.  Some are getting creative like those two sisters in the news that were making and selling cheesecakes.  

There are those that have a partner or family and if the partner has a job that is not supported by federal funding they they are to live carefully on the one salary - if both are feds or supported by federal funds then there are no funds supprting the household...  bills need to be paid - this can put stress on a people which could cause other issues.

Note to mention the impact it puts on the businesses that relied on the federal workers either eating at their establishment or using their services.  Or other services like metro - yes there are many Federal workers working and getting paid, but this impacts us all.

Many places have offered deals for those furloughed - trying to help them - the County food bank has helped - along with other restaurants offering meals.  Some of the bill collectors have offered to those furloughed some kind of relief - possible delay payment or interst fee situations.

I am not on a podium to say either for or against anything - I am just saying there has to be a better way to get past this and make a compromise - so not to hurt the American people anymore...

This is just so ridiculous.

Watch out for each other because you don't know what the next person is going through or dealing with. Sending prayers to all that are impacted.

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