September 11, 2018


No matter where you were that day, you will remember the event, the day, and what you were doing.  Some of you may have known or lost loved ones in these horrific events.  It is permanently in all our memory banks, and we must never forget!  

I have said that one of my goals this year is to increase the recognition of Public Safety employees and those performing heroic actions.  On this, the 17th anniversary of those tragic events; let us all renew our efforts to recognize these women and men who help keep us safe, and are there to run toward danger, when the rest of us can run from it.  Whether in a formal ceremony presenting a commendation medal, or at a restaurant, business establishment, or airport.  When you see a member of our military, or a public safety employee - say "thank you" for their service, give them a smile, shake their hand, or pay the restaurant for their meal or cup of coffee.  Take the time to recognize them, you may never know how much that gesture of kindness and love will mean to them.  God Bless!

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