July 25, 2017


I think our attitudes have changed as a result of a cultural change since the 60s, but some people still want to hang on to some traditional ideas while they reject others. That causes some confusion and frustration because there were some benefits with the way things were before, but there are also some benefits with the way things are now. I think, since women are liberated now, they can't expect men to act the same anymore, just as men can't expect women to act the same as they used to. You can't have it both ways.

Everybody has to adapt to the way things are now. There's no use in complaining about and wishing for the way some things were in the past if you don’t want to accept everything the way it was in the past, and you can't do that anyway because we're not going back.

Women have their independence now. So, they shouldn't complain about isolation and loneliness and the seeming lack of commitment from men. Men also have a new sense of freedom now because independent women don't need men to take care of them anymore. So, what's the point of wanting to live in the past? We just need to make the best of what we have now.

The medieval model of courtly love and chivalry doesn't apply anymore, and it never should have because it was just a fantasy dreamed up by medieval women that was perpetuated by roving troubadours. Society is completely different now anyway. Women don't need men for providers because they've been liberated, and men don't need to feel responsible to be providers because women don't need them anymore.

So, now that women have been liberated, is the problem that women resent men being liberated too?

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