June 16, 2017

I am a Patriot

I just want to take a minute to say that I am a patriot. I love and believe in my country, my Constitution and my government. To be clear, I do NOT always believe in and respect the politics of my President or my Congressional or Senatorial representatives, but I do believe in and respect their offices. 

It is a sad commentary of this country when America is reduced to such a basal level by the vitriol seen lately from some of its citizens. If you do not love this country, its Constitution, its form of government, then leave and find that nirvana that you think is out there in the world! Do not destroy this country by vicious actions. 

Do not reduce America to the level of third world countries who kill their politicians or leaders when there is not a shared opinion. 

We ARE the greatest nation in the world...because we are given freedoms that are found nowhere else on the planet. 

We need to stop lowering ourselves to such actions as were exhibited yesterday morning. ENOUGH! Agree to disagree and VOTE for change. Don't kill for it!

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