February 10, 2017

Chinese Debt

Watched a woman (take it for what it is worth -lol) who was high up the food chain at Goodman-Sachs (take it for what is worth x2) on CNBC. Says their (hers) big worry is the Chinese debt. From 2000 until now it has gone from US $2.1 trillion to near US $30.0 trillion. Larger than the GDP of the USA, Japan, and Germany COMBINED. 

Trump mentions Chinese manipulating value of yuan. They have to in order to keep the value of the dollar high and ensure we will continue to buy from them to keep their machine moving forward. i.e. - print $$$ to keep us going, to keep them going??? 

A lot of Humpty Dumpty's up on them walls. Need more walls - lol.

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