January 03, 2016

Do you have your New Year's resolutions?

Well, it is New Years and time for our resolutions.

The Golden Rule: treat others as you want to be treated.

Sage advice, I am sure, but not necessarily everyone's personal mantra. We've all adapted childhood lessons into our own rules to live by. Maybe we resolve to never trust emails from Nigerian princes (my #1) or pledge to always buy Girl Scout cookies from our weird neighbors' kids. Reddit decided to find out what our personal "golden rules" are.

As New Year's resolution season approaches, check out some self-improvement resolutions. Maybe these beat losing 15 lbs. Here are the best.

1. Some were about getting ahead:
      Always, ALWAYS, let people underestimate you. That way it is easier to beat them

2. Others were sacred agreements:
Driver picks the music. Don’t touch my radio. I won’t touch yours.

3.   Some were about basic human decency:
You can measure a person’s soul by the way they treat service staff.

4.   And some were seemingly obvious judgment calls:
Never make fun of or criticize someone’s job.

5.   Others explained effective management:
Be hard on the problem and soft on the person.

6.   A few were eccentric:
When in doubt, turn left.

7.   Some were just honest:
A fap a day keeps the stress away.

8.   Some tackled issues of mental wellbeing:
Don’t tell people what emotions they are feeling.

9.   Others were all about practicality:
Use your damn blinker.

10. There were morsels of financial wisdom:
Beware of monthly charges.

11. Some were business-oriented:
Don’t shoot down an idea you cannot improve upon.

12. And finally, there were the basic rules of being a decent human being:
Don’t be an asshole.

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