September 23, 2015

Do You Have Enough Kreplits?

I learned a new word from a friend: KREPLITS

A unit of time and energy, love and affection that you have to give yourself and others in your life. Everyone needs a certain amount to be happy and content and everyone has a finite amount to give to others. Some need more than others and some have more to give than others.

This immediately struck a chord with me. Hey! Why don’t more people talk about this issue? It occurs me that I have never read an column or article dedicated to this particular issue. The notion of time and energy management has always been a side-mentioned issue while discussing the finer points of communication.

In some circles there isn’t much talk about the strain produced by the finite nature of the time and energy resources in our relationships. Yet, it seems that the fact that liking/loving/friendships/family by themselves are not finite resources is blazoned on every poster you encounter. Friendship and love are not limited, but too much of the stuff is not much better than a stack of paperwork piling up in your inbox at the office. When are you going to find the time to sort through all this crap?

My lack of addressing this issue, or properly gaining the education required to handle such things could be my own problem. It’s only recently, of course, that I have needed to worry about splitting my Kreplits with people who I felt strongly enough about to actually give them a significant portion of my assigned Kreplits. There are days that I still find myself taking the crash-course in Time and Energy Management when it comes to these relationships.

Thank goodness someone is putting an easily identifiable word behind the overly-complex issue of time and energy unit distribution. My Kreplits are valuable and scarce, and I have no qualms saying that my friends and family definitely worth the Kreplits.

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