October 07, 2014

We walk by faith not by sight

I do believe in destiny. That we are destined to be in this world, to do great things which are our purpose, to meet our soulmates somehow and more. It doesn't mean if you believe in destiny you won't work your ass off and do some hard work. Remember that, the man plans his steps but the Lord determines his course. 

It gives us an eminent wonder and magical feeling whenever we believe in things that we think are impossible such as destiny or serendipity or soulmates. Even the word itself says I'M POSSIBLE. So please, believe what you want to. 

We are free to do these things and not be border-lined by any rules, logics, political, and any psychological issues. Miracles happen and magic too. There are many occurences in our world we can't explain why because you don't have an explanation for it. You just have to enjoy it and live by it!

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