April 04, 2014

How Do You Know You Have Met Your Soulmate?

How do you know if you have met your soul mate?  Your predestined spouse.  
A Greek Myth once said humans used to have two heads, four arms, and four legs and one day the Gods split them in two. Now humans search the world for their other half. I think it is a romantic idea and I enjoyed the tale, which was much longer when an old Greek told it to me.

According to a recent poll taken by Spark Networks, Inc., 46 percent of singles believe there is one right person in the world for them, compared to 34 percent who disagreed and 20 percent who were undecided. If you believe in soul mates, how might you recognize yours?

Here are 7 common things I’ve heard people report feeling when they first meet their soul mate:
  1. Time Stands Still
  2. You Get a Feeling Like You’ve Known Each Other Before
  3. There Are Many Commonalities
  4. You Have Similar Values
  5. There is a Deep Mutual Acceptance
  6. You Have an Ability to Help Each Other Grow
  7. Obstacles Don’t Matter, You Still Want To Be Together
In the end, finding your soul mate may feel joyous, wonderful and otherworldly, but marriage and long-term relationships are still work and a constant dose of reality. In fact, the very nature of soul mates is to help each other grow so these relationships can be even more challenging than having a regular companion.

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