March 05, 2014

Finding Senior Love Online


1.  Choose an online dating site carefully. The best ones allow you a pre-signup look at photos and profiles. Look at several before you decide. 

2.  Use a photo. Not posting a photo tells prospective contacts that you are lazy, unattractive, lying about your age, or not a paid member of the site. 

3.  Post a profile that shows you to be intelligent, contented, unselfish, and rich (just kidding– although if you really are wealthy that wouldn’t hurt). 

4.  Don’t make demands. It’s reasonable to limit yourself to non-smokers or even dog lovers, but please don’t insist on Mr. / Ms. Perfect.  They don’t exist. You might be finding an 80%'r and round up.

5.  Be honest about your age. Geezer men searching for women 40-45 when they should be looking for 60-to-70-year-olds are not only opening themselves to ridicule, but missing some really great ladies. 

6.  Don’t appear over-dependent on your kids.  Your special someone is looking for time with you, not weekends with your children and grandchildren. 

7.  Don’t brag. 

8.  Don’t be over-modest. 

9.  Starbucks is where online first daters all go.  Everyone will know why you’re there.  Agree to meet someplace else. Like Dunkin Donuts. 

10.  Reveal something unique about yourself. Don’t simply say that you like movies — say you enjoyed Salma Hayek’s performance in “Frida.”  Don’t say you like to travel — say you long to see Machu Picchu.

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