January 12, 2014

"I could write a book about black” – Christian Dior

Fashion is a medium for communication. It is the manifestation of one’s character, ideas, and lifestyle. The language of fashion communication requires a sensitive eye to interpret.  If the observer is perceptive enough he or she may be able to decipher insight into the psyche. The psyche will be expressed in different ways depending on the selected clothes.The beauty of fashion language is its ability to convey information without any exercise of literal speech.
The most widely recognized item in women’s fashion is, “The Little Black Dress”, otherwise known as, “The LBD”. It is an icon of women’s clothing; an emblem of femininity. Whether it takes to you to dinner, an interview, a cocktail party, or a romantic date, it is always there for you.

Recently, I had a long discussion over the psychology of the LBD. It is actually fascinating. Whether it is a fashion item or a devastating psychological tool for the woman wearing it, there is a magic about it's use.
The LBD has a history that goes far beyond the one that hangs in your closet. It has been a staple in women’s wardrobes for hundreds of years. Thanks to Coco Chanel, who reinvented the LBD, women cannot stop being drawn towards the alluring piece. The reason for this endless attraction is the LBD’s obscure nature. When a woman sports her LBD she has the ability to project any feeling she choses to embrace. She can communicate professionalism, sex appeal, and elegance, among hundreds of other traits.  

It can camouflage you up when you’re having an unflattering day or show you off when you’re feeling confident. What will modify the pronunciation of the LBD is the use of cut, fit, length and texture, not to mention accessories. Therefore, the character you wish to express or the quest you are on, will depend on these alterations.  So ladies, the next time you want to go shopping but don’t know what to get, go for the little back dress, it has the ability to articulate anything you want it to.

I know the quickest way to get to me can be a short LBD.

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