August 05, 2013


The Sturgis Rally - yes it's full of the strange and the bizarre. There are some you wouldn't want to meet in the afternoon sunshine, let alone in the dark of the night - scantily clad women traipse around.

And then there are the friendships - philosophical discussions over a brew - thousands and thousands and even hundreds of thousands of Harley Davidsons barreling through the ponderosa pine covered mountains.The place is legendary. And for good reason.

Surrounded by Harleys. Tooling down the interstate. The land of bikes is dead ahead. You can see a couple miles. To the West rises the Black Hills - a mountain range of dark green draped with ponderosa pine trees. Inviting and cool.

From hundreds of miles away they surround you. The roar of the Harley is everywhere. There are a few Indians. Once in awhile a BMW.

A Week of Heaven and Harley Davidson

For the entire week, this is a place unlike any other in the world. There are more Harley Davidson motorcycles and bikers converged here than anywhere else on the planet.

They come from many countries and all over the United States. There is everything here. Burned out Greasers, Peter Fonda, people so stoned they don't know where they are at, attorneys in the upper income tax bracket, dope dealers who should be, factory workers, lonely women, and women who will never be lonely.

All of them have one thing in common – they come to Sturgis. 

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