June 25, 2013

Showing Your Mettle - Let The Real You Out To Play

I was at an awards ceremony today. There were gentlemen there with 50 years of government service. Others that have made a difference to so many. One referred to "Showing Your Mettle" and it made me think.

Showing your mettle means having a healthy self respect. It means knowing your self importance in a realistic and practical and beneficial manner. It helps you discover balance in life and maintain that balance with your developing self awareness. To be your own best friend means having a healthy self-appreciation. Knowing what you can do and doing it for the greater good.

You can be proud of who you are, of what you think and do. And how you aid your fellow travelers in life. After all, life is the journey, NOT a destination.

Showing off your mettleBe happy to show what you can do. Be proud of what you can do. And do what you are proud of.

Progress. Make certain that you keep life moving - do not stagnate.

Self importanceCommunicate with others and yourself. Do not be overly secretive nor hold your heart on your sleeve. Be perceptive. Keep alert. Be aware of the life around you. And the life within.

Discover balanceAcceptance. Know yourself. Be comfortable in your own skin. Be friendly. Be a friend.

Respect. Understand yourself better. Share with other people. Be loyal and trustworthy.

Develop an awareness of selfThen you will be happy to be open with others. Nothing to hide and no need to hide.

Be you. Become more. Be yourself.

Find out how to be your own best friend.

And live this life to the full.

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