December 30, 2012

If you want to get to know me...

Imagine the sunlight shining on your windowsill on a beautiful morning. As you eat breakfast, you watch through the window as the sun slowly rises, penetrating the woods outside and illuminating the entrance to your favorite trail. Unable to resist the temptation, you strap on your hiking boots, open the door, and plunge into the woods. As you tread down your path, you gaze about longingly, wishing for a way to describe the scene surrounding you, the constant shifting nature, the serenity you feel, and the memories held within both old and new.

How do you describe something constantly changing, something which holds so much history?

As always, your words seem inadequate, unable to define the true nature of the woods. So instead, like every other day, you begin to simply enjoy the woods and continue to explore. You take the time to learn, to observe, to appreciate. You find your own secret places and create new memories. The woods grow even more special, a place purely your own, and yet shared with so many.

As the morning begins to turn into afternoon a revelation comes to you. Your struggle to define the woods reflects yourself. Despite your attempts, there’s no way to describe who you are, as who you are constantly changes. There are always new thoughts, new memories, new companions. As the woods change and grow old, so do you. You appreciate this change, even as you appreciate what the woods were, what they are now, and what they will be, just as you appreciate this change within yourself. The secret places you’ve shared within these trees, and the secret words spoken there, are all part of the secrets you’ve kept within.

So, when asked to describe yourself, to share who you are, describe the woods. Then show them the woods and let them decide for themselves.

And if you wish to truly know someone, speak with them. Spend time with them. Learn from them, observe them, and appreciate them. Create memories together. Take the first step into the unknown and explore something beautiful.