October 20, 2012

Respect, Loyalty and Friends

Lately I have seen so many of my friends, both male and female, hurt by others who seem to be totally immune to the havoc they wreak and the hurt they cause. What is it with people who think they can act any way they like and not be held accountable for it? Why is it that those who so blatantly do the wrong thing are treated as though what they've done is okay, while criticism is leveled at those who speak out about the deceit, the disrespect and the blatant flaunting of agreements that have been made, as if they are the ones who have done the wrong thing?

Do the words respect, honesty and integrity have no place anymore? When does it become right for people to criticize those who state what has happened to cause them so much heartache and yet congratulate those who have caused the heartache by being so incredibly disrespectful and flaunting it in everybody's face?

I'm not talking minor spats resulting in breakups. I'm talking about the breaking of agreements that love and trust are founded upon, the rending of bonds that both agreed should have been for the long term: marriage, etc.

I'm not green and I well understand that people change and grow apart and that's life and it then becomes a case of relationships no longer being what they once were. People need to accept it and move on. But to willingly and consciously break an agreement that should be held sacred because of respect for the other person and what you once had with them and then lie about it to boot? Who in their right mind thinks that this is okay? Are you listening KMK?

Needing to vent on a Saturday morning and wishing more people would stand up and speak out and say this is NOT okay. In a world where relationships are supposed to be based on the trust people have in each other, this kind of behavior is very VERY wrong. If you and I have been friends in the past and you're no longer on my “friends list,” it's likely that you're one of the people I'm talking about. Not that I think it will worry you to discover you've been unfriended, but believe me when I tell you that I'm quite sure you couldn't care less any more than I do. With "friends" like you, none of us need enemies.

I thank the gods that those I choose to interact with are ethical, caring, beautiful people. We need more of them in this world.