September 02, 2012

My Tarot Reading and More Thoughts on the Future

I took my annual trip to the Maryland Renaissance Fair yesterday. After enjoying the Rogues (a great Celtic band!) I went to the Tarot Readers. She was the same one I had last year (wierd, huh?). But after shuffling, cutting cards, etc and not asking me any questions, she told me about the cheating wife, the divorce, the near death thing, my supportive sons, moving, the bad fire at work, my going back to [post grad] school, and my future success in business and love. "Be patient, she will come." (Which?) I was very impressed, more so because what she had told me last year became true, even though I did not believe it at the time.

So after the sudden rain soaked me on the Harley on the way home, I took a hot shower and used it as a muse for pondering my future. I find myself desiring a relationship with a woman whose mind excites and whose body fascinates me. We will think in ways that are similar and surprising and can spend hours talking and playing way into the night about anything and everything. Naturally, meeting someone that fits that requirement in addition to having a potential romantic interest would have me over the moon. Not to be romantically cliché, but could we see stupid-fuzzy-wonderful? Rainbows over our first date, fireworks the first night we kiss? Butterflies in our stomachs, the works? Let's see that the future brings...