August 27, 2012

Users Manual: Part C: Heiros Gamos

Part C: Heiros Gamos

It is defined as “Complete bliss and euphoria through intense orgasms unrivaled in any other situation.”  The concept of Heiros Gamos is one of joy and fulfillment of the ancients and for us now.

The notion is about becoming “One” through sex and being transformed refers to the expression we commonly use as “soulmates”- The total union of body, mind and soul between people.

In ancient times and religions that believed people indeed possess a soul, it was their belief that two people existed in the world that shared twin souls. While they also recognized most people in relationships were not with their true soul mate. The quest was to find the “One” with our twin soul and reunite with them/it and then achieve Heiros Gamos. The soulmates having found themselves and together in a relationship would experience all the joys of love and partnership throughout all of life, as they can with no other.

It was also believed in certain cultures, notably Egyptian, that more than two people can share twin souls. Other cultures linked Heiros Gamos to magical practices due to the euphoria felt through the achievement of such intense orgasms.

When the two sharing like souls were united, the celebration of that connection through many different ways achieved greater pleasures and understandings of all things. The orgasms achieved through Heiros Gamos, due to the special union, were believed to wipe away all thoughts and cognitive consciousness to open each person to both sides of “God”, both male and female.

These beliefs were known to exist in the earliest civilizations, namely in Sumeria, as can be read in the World’s first known epic “Gilgamesh”. In this story, Gilgamesh encounters a wild man named Enkidu and sends a priestess of the goddess Ishtar to have sex with him for 6 days and 7 nights, transforming him into a cultured man. The understanding of Heiros Gamos was existent in almost all religions of the West we know today and defined similarly in other terms in the East, in tantric forms.

People from ancient times to present report the experience is unequaled to any other.

Contemporary views: Dr Carl Jung, the psychoanalyst, studied Heiros Gamos and is well known for it. Psychoanalytically it is believed to be a psychic merging between two very compatible people. Their very healthy connection provides them with a cosmic connection of conscious that relates to their sexual experiences.

Mystical thinking provides the notions that all things in the universe are connected and the connection created between these two similar people, provide for greater euphoric experiences in all ways people have them.

My Personal Beliefs: Heiros Gamos is a mixture of primal and evolved sensation that can only be shared to such a degree with the one you should be with and is accumulative. This connection between the two provides for synergy and a greater connection in all matters, including sexuality. The euphoria experienced with and because of being with this person is unmatched with any other, except in cases when experiencing pleasure with and for them while they are in other ways also - compersion.

Compersion is a state of empathetic happiness and joy experienced when an individual's romantic partner experiences happiness and joy through an outside source, including, but not limited to, another romantic or sexual interest. This can be experienced as any form of erotic or emotional empathy, depending on the person experiencing the emotion. The concept is now widespread within the polyamorous community, and was originally coined by the now defunct Kerista Commune.

Purposely setting out to achieve sexual fulfillment with each other should be unrivaled to any other experience. However the people in a relationship are to achieve this euphoria with and for each other, the main concentration is always on the connection they have together.

The terms used to describe soul mates are what I call people with similar psyches. There may be more than one person in the world with a likeness to them and can achieve great satisfaction of all types with. Finding this person is the hardest task and some are lucky and some search continually. The ability to release inhibitions with a person we feel completely comfortable with may be the reason for such intense orgasms to be achieved. Compersion with this person while they receive pleasure enhances the pleasures of both and for them again when they are together. Sexual situations of different sorts can enhance this level of pleasure and through greater familiarity and experience; the two involved can achieve higher states of this euphoria with and for each other. They found each other.

I am naïve enough to think that couples that have been together for a long relationship, including my now defunct 30 year marriage, have this capability.